Where do lost things go?

Lost things!

I read an amazing book once by Cecelia Ahern, about where lost things go and I loved it and thought that it was so true! I can’t remember it’s name! (I will google it!) and it got me thinking about things that get lost! I loved reading that book! ( but to be fair, I love all of Cecelia’s books!) *Update: The book is called ‘A place called here!’
There are so many things in our house that are lost of which I know haven’t left the house! Like my iPhone 4, I had it a couple of weeks before I wanted it again and I had seen my youngest playing with it but it has gone! Vanished off the face of the earth! I am pretty sure that it is somewhere in the house but where is anybodies guess!

Now in my experience, the worst place for things getting lost is school! We have honestly lost so much stuff in school it’s untrue! I’m sure there are some underground elves running around in P.E gear and school uniform as this stuff regularly goes missing, never to be seen again! I have totally lost count of the number of items that disappear regularly! So far we have lost a track suit jacket from P.E! (Brand new! Worn once in September, never to be seen again!) 😫

School jumper with logo! (Yep! The most expensive!) last seen in February half term! And school cardigan with logo! Last seen this term! 

I have had inside information to say that most children just take their stuff off and leave it lying around, and it stays where they drop it! I am trying to teach my children to look after their stuff but I suppose with so much going on it’s easy for clothing to get mislaid! I’m not sure what we as a collective can do about it, other than trying to teach our children to look after their uniform etc. 

I think that the teaching staff already have a hard task ahead of them and I take my hat off to them, doing one of the most important jobs (in my opinion) by teaching our little cherubs! I mean let’s face it! Most of our childhood days are spent in education! The children of today are our future and the wonderful jobs that the teachers do is shaping our and their futures! I think that I would be a little miffed if all the teaching staff did was running around sorting mislaid clothing instead of number bonds! I do hope though that if they saw items clothing lying around, they are scooped up and put into the lost property box. My children’s school do this although our items are never in there! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜« 

I do know that I am not alone either as there are regular posts on our Facebook groups asking if anybody has seen various items! πŸ™ 

I suppose the main way to try and locate these items is to name them! I name absolutely everything that my children have, and take to school in the hope that items will make their way back to us at some point! I’m sure that we have lost more stuff than this at school but I honestly can’t remember! It is a bit of a pain though when you need to keep on buying stuff! Hopefully they will get to the age that they are aware of their belongings! (Or is it wishful thinking?) πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ˜«

There have been many times that my children have brought home somebody else’s cardigan or jumper and I have promptly returned it the next day!

Randomly whilst I have been writing this blog I got a message from a parent to of a little girl in my sons class to say they have our jumper! Yes! It’s been located! Bertie bonus for me! 😍
They are on missing cardigan number 4!!!!!!! Number 4!!!!!!! Can you believe it? I’m sure that’s a record! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜«πŸ˜±

So I should count myself lucky that we have located a jumper and are only missing two items, at school, as it potentially could be a lot more! 

Let’s hope that I, one day can find my iPhone, and all other lost items! I am generally very good and rarely lose anything! The only items missing have been helped by my kids in the quest for being ‘lost’!

I am pretty sure that we will forever go through life looking for a lost item! There are many quotes which state – ‘You can never find what you are looking for!’ Which is so true on every level! And the word itself ‘lost’ has many different meanings! Maybe there is a place called ‘here’ where lost things go to!


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