Manchester I am proud! 

I was really saddened to see the news when I woke up on Tuesday morning, as I am sure everybody was! It is so horrendous that these people had gone for a wonderful evening, dreams coming true, travelling from near and far to see their idol, someone who’s music they enjoy! It is abhorrent to think that for all those that lost their lives, all those injured and all family, friends and all others in attendance helping, everyone involved, their lives may never be the same again! Because of the act of that one individual that evening detonating that bomb! 

As a Mancunian born and bred, it really does hit home to me the severity of what happened! I was at a concert at the arena myself around 2 weeks ago with my 7 year old, and friends, and it is shocking to think about! We don’t stay until the end as my little girl gets tired, and we miss the traffic! What struck me at our latest concert were the amount of parents and relatives outside in the foyer waiting to collect their children, there were so many! I hadn’t seen them before, but I remember thinking about those parents on Monday night, they probably felt that their children were safe as they dropped them at the door and were waiting to collect them at the end! 
We have been to many concerts at the MEN arena, and always had a wonderful time, but now I have to admit that I am cautious! I am slightly concerned! But then again I have been for a while to be fair! I avoid the busiest of places when I can and I generally visit at other random times, I never go shopping on a Saturday when most people shop now! And any place I go I have a mental check as to where the nearest exits are, a potential place of safety, and where we would run! I think in the world we live in now, most people potentially do this! I do feel confident though that the next concert that we attend will have stepped up security and potentially police officers, in reality I don’t know if that will make a difference, perhaps a deterrent but for me visually I will feel reassured! But I am also defiant. Defiant in the sense that I will not let these individuals dictate how I live my life or make me scared to live my life to the fullest! I will stand strong but with an air of caution!

It was amazing to see the people of Manchester and further afield in England, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world! How we are united in our grief and sadness! Just to look at the flowers, the tributes and the just giving pages set up for donations! I am proud to be from Manchester, I truly am! Personally I was touched by my family and friends near and far who phoned and messaged, knowing that we attend many concerts they were concerned for us!
But everything has an opposite and for me it’s the people of Facebook and other social media, who are writing not very nice things about the Muslim community. This is hard to understand, I mean I get that it is easy to feel anger, and sadness but we cannot blame an entire religion for the acts of some radicalised Muslims surely!? Any religion that I have ever heard or learnt about is peaceful! Right? 

I don’t know any religion that doesn’t offer up prayers for others, that doesn’t talk about peace! I mean absolutely every religious person that I know is kind, helpful, and wanting to help others not hurt them! I don’t know, I really don’t. I don’t know what the answer is! What is the solution? How do we ensure that what happened at the MEN doesn’t happened to any other families attending a concert anywhere in the world! Or full stop to be honest! The killing needs to stop!

I think though that we cannot blame a whole community! I had Jehovahs Witness’s at my door this morning and they asked me what I thought the solution was and I don’t know! I asked him view and he didn’t know either! (Apart from becoming a Jehovahs Witness!) What I do know is that this isn’t a particularly nice world that we are bringing our children into, in many ways! We hear ‘world peace’ branded around a bit but what exactly does that mean? To live in peace? In what way? Is our younger generation the answer? Is the way in which we bring them up the answer? Is everything far too accessible in this day and age? I honestly haven’t got a clue! 

I hope that our children’s future is a happy one! A peaceful one and kind one! One where neighbours are happy for each other’s success, that they help one another, and that they genuinely are content within their own lives, fingers crossed!

I wish all of those injured a speedy recovery and that all involved are able to overcome the horrors that they witnessed! 😘

Dictionary definition of peace:

1) Freedom from disturbance; tranquility.

2) A state or period in which there is no war, or a war has ended.


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