What are these date things in our food? 

Does anybody else go with, and stick to sell by dates and use by dates? To be honest I used to! But now I don’t! Though I’m not sure if that’s just pure laziness, lack of time, or just an oversight! I tell you what though! I absolutely feel like I am totally winning at life when I walk past the reduced section at Tesco and find a few bargains! I smugly walk around the store with my basket laden with yellow stickered food! 😂😂 I love it! I really do! 

However I totally buy rubbish that I didn’t want or don’t usually buy! But I have also tried many new foods, safe in the knowledge that if we didn’t like it I could just put bin it as it was reduced anyhow! 

I have bought loads of fruit and vegetables reduced, an odd few sandwiches, bread, fish and other bits like that! I got a 6 pack of chicken thighs once for like 56p or something ridiculous! I just froze them as soon as I got home!

I’m not quite as savvy with knowing at what time the goods get reduced! Nor do I know the best days to go! But what I do know is that I end up spending and buying way more than I would if I didn’t stop by the reduced aisle! A win, win for Tesco if all they would do is throw it out! (Not that I know this to be true!) I have bought many a pre packed sandwich for about 24p, for my lunch the next day at work and a quick snack for my monkeys on the way home from school! I am convinced they taste nicer because I no get them cheaper! 😂🙈

Just a quick one though going off on a tangent! I love, love, love the free piece of fruit idea for kids that Tesco does! That they can snack on a piece of fruit for free whilst you are shopping! And they get this from a little display stand near to the entrance! Genius idea in my opinion! And one I can safely say works and is enjoyable for all involved! 

So here I am a thirty something mother of three who has vegetables in her fridge for how long I don’t know, I made a veg soup once out of all the veg I had still in the fridge that was bought reduced! Last night for my dinner I had new potatoes roasted in the oven! They tasted great but their date was for last week! 😂😂 I always do the look and smell test first! Check it’s appearance and does it smell! I’m hopeless though, if I didn’t do this then I would throw out so much food and waste so much money!

I once read about a chef who said that fruit and vegetables don’t have a shelf life! Now that is probably true for 50%, but not all, I think root veggies last a while but salad leaves and cucumbers don’t, or berries and bananas but in my experience apples, grapes, oranges, they seem to last pretty well! 

Plus when we harvest the fruits and veg that we grow on the allotment, I don’t date it, we just store it properly and eat it whenever, and that always seems to last, I don’t think that I’ve had to throw anything out that we have grown! (perhaps apart from the chopped up rhubarb that has been sitting on my kitchen worktop for a week! I must cook it tomorrow!)

So tonight I pick the kids up from after school activities, and get back to my mums for the 3rd one who had fallen asleep! 😫 And I am wondering what to have for my dinner out loud, when my mum asks me about the steaks that she gave me! 2 rump steaks! Now I have no recollection of when she gave them to me! Nor do I have a clue as to their whereabouts! I only remember about the steaks when I was asked about them! I recall unpacking all of the bags apart from one which had my daughters toys in, of which, I just put in her room to unpack at the weekend! I am pretty sure this was Monday! The steaks were frozen so they are either in the freezer or the bag in my daughters room! 🙈😫
I am sure everyone with kids knows that they come with a lot of baggage, and on a regular basis I resemble some sort of bag lady trying to manoeuvre about from car to house, and back again at various times, along with what feels like hundreds of bags, 3 kids and a dog! No wonder I’m losing my memory! 😫🙈Plus I can’t actually park outside my house due to other cars so I am regularly down the road! 😭🙄

We get in the house and I forgot again! About the steaks and their god damn location! 

My daughter comes down after a while! “Are these the steaks?” Oh my goodness! There they are! Swinging side to side from her pincer gripped fingers in the air! 😂😂🙈 I cannot believe that I actually left them in the bag! 

Oh well not one for waste! I cook them! They smell okay! I try a bit! Yep! Tastes fine! So I eat them along with curried lentils (health kick! Although they were pretty nice!) it was actually a pretty decent and healthy dinner I reckon! (incase you wondered – I didn’t give them to the kids just incase! 😱🙃😩)

It’s now a few hours later and I’m feeling okay! Let’s see what the morning brings! 😂😂😫🙊🤢😷


I wrote this post last week but never published it! Roll on a week and I am absolutely fine! No illness, sickness….. nothing! So who knows really what to make of sell by dates or used by dates! I am going to just do the good ole’ smell and taste test in further, and see how that goes, plus I will ensure that my fridge always contains a wave of yellow! (Tesco reduced labels! 😂🙈😝)
I know that there are many websites which now sell foods near to, or past the sell by dates, the local shop to my mums house always has offers on certain drinks and crisps as they are close to the sell by date, plus my good friend told me about an amazing website called approved foods where you can get some fabulous bargains, at amazing prices! 



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