Lottery List

When I win the lottery, (as I am soon) I have this list! I am pretty sure that everyone has a list, and sometimes it just pops into my head, during the day like when I am driving on a long journey and things! But mostly it’s at night before I fall to sleep that I think of it. I actually love thinking about when I win the lottery! I have a mental list with names of who will benefit when I win, or who I will share with! 

Now this list changes often to be fair, depending on my mood, depending on who has annoyed me, peed me off, or generally being a numpty, sometimes I add people then decide that I am too kind and I promptly remove them! I kind of have a hierarchy position like close family first, then extended family, close friends and so on! There are some very select people who have made the list and they have always remained! 😂😍 (they are the lucky ones 😂🙈)

I always have these random questions like: Do they all have the same amount? 

Should I set up a trust fund for the under 16’s. 

It’s crazy really I suppose, but I need it all worked out for when I do win! And win I will! One thing IS for sure, is that I know I am closer than ever to winning and a step closer everyday! 

Do I tell people or do I keep it secret? Where do I move to? What car should I buy? Will I go on holiday? Go shopping? New York! London! Milan! 
One thing is for sure though, I will never ever tell a single soul the exact amount! Never! (So please don’t ask!🙈😝👊) 

I will fully explore the whole of North Wales to find the right spot and then I will buy a really fabulous caravan or two! Right next to each other on a wonderful campsite that has a park, and is close to the mountains so that we can go walking and exploring! I will spend my weekends here, with the kids, family and friends. We will have BBQ’s, ride bikes and enjoy the long summer days. 

I will pick the kids up from school on a Friday when I can, and stay until Sunday evening and head back in time for school starting on Monday!

The very first thing that I will seriously do though, even before I have divided it up as to who is getting what! Is to pay for a friend of mine to have some treatment that would make their life easier. I have seen their struggle and wish that I could help to make their life like it was before this illness arrived. I know that it would make a long hard battle shorter and easier. I hope that my win comes sooner rather than later for that very reason.
I have only (to my knowledge/memory) made one promise as to when I win the lottery, and it’s to a friend of mine, who I told that I would buy some land, to build stables and where they could keep their ponies and fulfil their dream of making an inclusive riding establishment.
Next I will build my dream job! With money being no object I will make and run the best residential home/independent living apartments ever known! It will be amazing! 

Do you know when children are born and their parents put their names down at the preferred school/nursery? Well, I want my residential home to have that same impact! (Obviously not from birth! But from around 50’s/60’s!) 

I will make sure that ALL staff are fully trained and see this as a vocation and not a pay cheque! 

The way I see it is that life is a circle and we go back to where we came from. As we get older we lose all of those things that we learned like understanding, walking, talking, those kind of things, and we regress, we regress back to a childlike state. When we arrive on this earth it is a joyous occasion and I want to have that same joyous status as we leave.

I will have pets, cats and labradors. There is no better feeling than unconditional love that pets bring, and stroking and patting animals has many wonderful benefits. I will have wonderful links with the local colleges to run work experience workshops for the students where they come in once and week and pamper our residents, the likes of hairdressing, barbers, beauty therapist, massage, and so on and so forth. I would love for the local schools to perform sing a longs and carol concerts, and for the local scout, brownie and youth clubs to come and spend time with the residents. I believe that this will ensure that our youth growing up will have a greater respect for our elderly people, and I hope to try and bridge that gap as much as possible.

I will hold theme nights, tea dances, afternoon tea, quiz nights, bingo, and bring local acts in every so often for all family and friends to attend. 

I will have beautiful gardens to roam around, a mini allotment and chickens! I will have all equipment available for staff and residents to assist in the upkeep of our grounds if they wish. I will run clubs like knitting, crochet, art, cooking, reading and any others that anyone would wish to join. We will make regular trips to the local leisure centre for swimming, gym or any other classes available. 

We will have a minibus and run monthly outings to various places like the beach, the cinema, picnic, see a show or wonder a park. I will try and make these outings accessible for all. I will have internet, wifi and have iPads that belong to us where residents and families can FaceTime each other at any time! All rooms will have their own fridge where possible and there will be a small kitchen available with drink making facilities and snacks, fruit and water. We will celebrate birthdays, and any other religious occasion that our residents wish to. There will be daily newspapers, regular magazines, board games and cards all available to be used whenever. It will always smell nice and it will always be welcoming and happy! They will have a choice of meals throughout the day, and we will enjoy a roast on a Sunday! We will have elevenses, and supper! We will have a games room, with darts and pool or ping pong or both!

I will make a place that I would be happy to leave my family in and be happy to live in there myself. 

Then I will travel! I will travel to every single country in the world, all 196 of them (including Taiwan!) I will take a cruise, I will visit family and friends in other countries and knock on their doors with a cheque! And I will enjoy what life has to offer, the finer things, I will fully look after myself and my children and show them the world! They will have the best education ever from travelling! 

I will book regular skiing trips, and ski in every country that skiing is possible, and one summer holidays we will travel around Greece. We will island hop for the whole 6 week holidays! This has been a dream of mine for such a long time! I cannot wait for it to become a reality. I have been lucky enough to visit a couple of Greek islands but I would absolutely love to see them all with my gorgeous monkeys.
After all of this, and if I am not busy enough already, and IF there is money left, I will then search around the go fund me pages for people and children that I can genuinely help. I will spend any money that I have left helping people who need a little bit of financial help in order to live how we potentially do, and take for granted (possibly) daily. 
I have been part of a syndicate for a while now, it started when there was a huge prize fund with many weeks of roll overs and it just carried on from there, we have only won lucky dips so far but that will change. It’s always tough when you do play regular numbers as it can get a bit out of hand in the sense of if you forget to play, or what if I don’t play and my numbers come up? 

Occasionally I will buy a lucky dip on the Euro when I remember too! 
I have played tonight’s lotto and not checked my numbers for the last couple of weeks yet, so wish us luck, and fingers crossed my dreams can be realised! 


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