You couldn’t make it up!

So tonight I finally had my car fixed! Now this has been an ongoing problem since February and it has been a nightmare! My car has ‘broken down’ in the worst places imaginable, generally with all children onboard and a weeks worth of shopping! We have borrowed cars, vans, had many ‘lifts’ walked, scootered, and taken the bus and tram! 

I fill my car up with petrol tonight and the line doesn’t move! (I am hoping that this just hasn’t been reconnected! 😫) It is showing that I my petrol is low! The petrol indicator isn’t working! And the car smells of petrol so bad! I can still smell it in my nostrils and I have been in the house for a couple of hours now! 1st thing in the morning I am straight back to the garage!

Anyhow, my girls are sleeping over at their Nanna’s tonight so I take my little boy to the local retail park to purchase card and sticky back plastic for his project! The car is full and we have the dog onboard too! We pull into the mother and child space right outside the door, (very lucky today!πŸ‘) 
My boy doesn’t want to come into the shop, as he is playing on my phone and would like to stay in the car, lots of discussion and I think, well we are right outside and I only need two things! Plus he is wearing his pyjamas since coming back from swimming! (Easier to shower and change straight after swimming!) Okay then, he can stay in the car. I leave the key in the ignition so that the music stays on, and he continues to play on my phone, so off I pop into the shop. 

Get directions for the stuff I need and the guy who works in there opens up another till for me to be served! Perfect! 😍 As I am leaving the shop assistant gives me a few tips on selling things on eBay! (Random!) I happily walk back to the car. I was probably gone around 10 minutes at the very maximum! I go to open the door and it is locked! I look at my son and he is FAST ASLEEP!!! Totally zonked! Out for the count! I walk around to his side of the car and knock on the window! Nothing! I bang on the window! Nothing! I use a coin in my pocket to make a louder sound! Nothing! Holy Moly! He is absolutely fast asleep, and because the music is on in the car I don’t think it is making a difference!

The guy parked next to me comes over and offers me assistance, we try rocking the car, my boys head swinging from side to side! Still no response! (I am surprised he isn’t concussed with the amount of movement his head got from me rocking the car!)

I cannot believe that he is STILL asleep! 

The guy hung around for a while trying to help! He tried all of the doors, and windows, but it had central locking, but worth a shot I suppose! He helped by knocking, rocking and anything else he could think of doing? He even offered me his phone to call for a rescue! But guess what? His battery was flat! Can you believe it? 

He left, and around 4 or 5 people came and went, they all offered assistance, help, advice and good luck wishes! And advice that you should leave your window open with a dog in! (I was 10 mins max! It is cold and it is after the sun has set!)

Next up a lovely lady and her son was passing us by and tried to help, they knocked rocked and coin tapped on the door and window but nothing happened! She reassures me that he is breathing but that his seatbelt is digging in him! (Oh dear!πŸ™ˆ)
Now, I am the proud owner of the yappiest Yorkshire Terrier EVER! Who’s bark is so loud and high pitched and one that barks at anything. Tonight though! I could have entered her into the Guinness book of records for the quietest dog! She didn’t make a sound! Just climbed right on top of my little mans legs and fell asleep! He will be mortified when he wakes up and discovers this as he isn’t a fan of the dog being anywhere near him? So I’m thinking what? Are you serious? The dog that constantly barks was somehow silenced! I couldn’t stop laughing at the irony of my situation! It is absolutely my fault for allowing him to stay in the car and one in which I will never ever forget! Or wish to repeat! I have learnt my lesson!

I borrow Elaina’s phone and call my mum who nearly has heart failure as she is receiving a call from her daughter on a mobile number that she doesn’t recognise! Operation rescue is under way! My mum has to get my girls into the car, drive to mine and collect the spare key (thank goodness I have a spare key,) then drive to us! All in all, probably 30 minutes or so!

In the meantime I’m having a fabulous conversation with this lady I have met, discussing her life in Manchester compared to Romania, and all about jobs and language! She also asks me what year of school he is in, so I tell her and she tells me what year her son is in! And they are both in the same year, except I had told her the wrong year! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜«How ridiculous? I don’t even know what year of school my son is in! Safe to say I didn’t correct myself! I had already met my child lock himself in a car and go to sleep without telling her my son isn’t actually in the school year I had told her!

A really lovely lady who offers to stay with us until my mum gets here, bless her! That was lovely. We had a really good conversation, and potentially became good friends during a situation where otherwise we potentially may not have met. During this time the radio cuts off in the car and a small panic set in about whether or not the car cuts off to save the battery or said battery had indeed gone flat!
About 1 hour after all of this drama started, my son wakes up! 

He looks at us all out of his window and he was shocked! Shy! And didn’t have a clue about what was going on! Just his mum and a women knocking on the window festering for him to open the door! At one point I thought that he was gonna nod back off! 😫

To be honest though he was tired, we are all tired. It is half term this week, we have had an unusual amount of late nights due to my car being broken, and he had been to his swimming lesson too! 
My little man is usually first up in the morning but even this has been a struggle for him, getting up for school has been tough!

We are happy for a relaxing break coming up! If I’d have thought he may nod off though I would have made sure he came with me or at least took the keys!

I absolutely couldn’t believe the situation I was in. I opened my door and left it open, checked that the car would start and called my mum, she wasn’t too far off! I got back out to give a HUGE hug to Elaina, I thanked them and wished them well!
I got back in and drove to McDonalds! I needed sugar, food, junk food, and I was Hank Marvin! (Starving!)
Kids, quick decisions, tiredness, rationale, and a million things on your mind! Sometimes we are side tracked and don’t make the best decisions in certain situations! But you know what? He was and is oblivious, I was okay, the dog was well behaved and I made a new friend and had a McDonalds! In the greatest scheme of things all is well that ends well! 😍😘


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