Lost! 😝

So here is a throwback! I absolutely couldn’t resist sharing this photo when I saw it again! 2012 I think it was and I captioned it “Lost! Free to a good home!!” 🙈We were at home in the morning and I go to open the electric shutters after waking up! 🌞

What did I find! But this guy totally fast asleep on the patio. I can’t believe that this guy scaled our 6 foot wall and gate, or that the dogs didn’t make a sound! 😱 I just had to laugh and laugh and laugh. 😂 It took me forever to wake this guy up and it took him forever still to make sense of his situation! He was in his boxers, (underwear) without shoes – only socks, and nothing else in his possession! 😨 

I didn’t know what to do at 1st so got him a drink and checked he was ok, he did not have the slightest clue where he was or where he was staying, he was a student, 19ish – I think! On holiday with his friends from America/Canada (can’t remember which one 🙊) and they had hired a villa, around 10 of them. 🤔

I couldn’t let this guy go it alone, we live off a main road a 20min dirt track path will take you to town! He had no shoes 🙈 so I gave him a lift! 🚗 we drove in and around town for about 20-30 mins until randomly WE FOUND HIS VILLA! Can you believe it? All of his friends were all outside VERY worried and very grateful that I brought him home! I think this guy was totally happy (although rough) that he found his home, I think he was only on day 2 or 3, what a holiday, I am sure he and his friends must tell this story about a random woman finding his holiday home after finding him on her patio! What a random story?!? 😉😝 


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